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Finding the unique and magnificent for your home is a journey people. You can cut corners, pay top dollar and go get what everyone else will get in stores. Or, for the more adventurous with a flair for the fabulous you can treasure trove at various antique and vintage shops, even 2nd hand places for that piece that will be a game changer in your space. I recently had an episode in not a 2nd but maybe 3rd hand establishment….and the results couldn’t have been more exciting. I had to share this story of inspirational bling on a budget with you all. Here goes:

I scored an amazing parsons table at Midland downtown a few months ago for my dining room. Needed the perfect out of the box dining chairs to go with it. The parsons table is so sleek and modern, I wanted something sculptural and ornate to contrast against it. Then I saw these old beauties at our local Goodwill store and they stopped me dead in my tracks…..

I saw them in my mind’s eye with crisp white lacquered frames and white crocodile upholstery….ohh just imagine…and at $17 each for HICKORY CHAIR (heart attack), I knew what I had to do….

I took them to my upholsterer, Nick at Carmel Upholstery…He and his son revamped them in white croc vinyl…beyond outrageous but perfect for the Heincker home…and the vinyl can easily be cleaned off if flying peas, carrots, or anything worse hits them….beautiful and practical…amazing.

A vintage this or that reimagined creates style and soul in your home. Do you love the unique and funky but think it hard to find? Give me a call. I’ll come over and do my thing for you like I always do. We’ll hunt down just the right thing and make it sing in your home….don’t be scared ;)

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